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OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – Retail to Wall Street, Insurance to Health Care, Law Firms to Correctional Institutions

Many of our staff are PMP certified and most have 20+ years of Information Technology experience in some of the most challenging industries in the business. We have significant and specialized expertise in building QA and PMO organizations, installing surveillance technology (software and equipment) and implementing complex Data Center Migrations.

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Functional, Technical and Non-Technical requirements are identified, tasks planned, test suites built and status seamlessly reported to your stakeholders.

Design, Development and Test Execution based explicitly on the Requirements approved in RTIME, The team builds, validates and prepares the solution for delivery. 

RTIME Program and Project Management & Quality Assurance works with your team to deploy, monitor and track the solution against the Return on Investment stated in your initial Business Case

RTIME Program and Project Management & Quality Assurance engagements are powered by RTIME, a comprehensive Tool and Technique for managing the entire project life-cycle.