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RTIME™ Project Delivery


Execution of the Design, Development and Test Phases, product documentation and user training is driven by the Approved Functional and Technical Requirements. Tasks are prioritized, dependencies managed, risks proactively tracked and mitigated, feature traceability through all test phases is confirmed. Signoff and approvals are obtained and recorded.

We work with your team to deploy, and conduct post-production verification of the developed solution. We assist in monitoring the delivered solution against the ROI stated in the Business Case, Update and Close Issue and Risk logs, and conduct Lessons Learned workshops to bring closure to the current project while helping to refine the tools and techniques for future projects.  


The RTIME™ solution

Common Project Risk Factors

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As part of the Initiation Phase, create your Project Charter, Stakeholder Register and Stakeholder Management Plan using RTIME™ and its Best Practices Tools and Techniques. Choose from the built-in industry-standard SDLC Methodologies Agile, Waterfall, hybrids, or build your own methodology with standard deliverables from our toolkit (or yours). 

RTIME™ Project Initiation

Exceeding expectations starts with top-notched planning, high-quality Requirements and traceability through all phases of the SDLC. In our Planning Phase, Functional and Technical Requirements become stakeholder-approved, tasks are planned, and test suites built. RACI charts are generated, communicated and approved through Best Practices workshops.


RTIME™ Project Execution

RTIME™ Project Planning

Stop managing your Software Delivery problems and Start preventing them...

RTIME™  suite of Tools and Best Practices Techniques for Repeatable Quality:

Requirements, Tasks, Deliverables, Testing, Collaboration and Project Management